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Door Hangers in Southern California – How the Printed Word Benefits your Business

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These days everyone has something to offer, sell or provide, and how a company decides to market itself can make all the difference between being the center of attention or remaining virtually unknown. In the past newspaper ads have been an effective way to promote your brand, but in this era of digital media, few people read the classifieds any longer. While radio commercials are still produced, they have become far less effective as more people than ever download their music directly onto their mobile devices to avoid commercial interruption. Online promotion is far more prevalent than any other type of exposure, but it is in fact door hangers in southern California which are drawing the most attention from consumers.
When Advertising Loses Its Effectiveness
According to a study done by Media Matters in 2007, the average person is exposed to upwards of 300 different marketing campaigns on the Internet each and every day. Now how many of those 300 from just the last day alone do you remember? Media over-saturation has reached a tipping point in our society with most people these days having developed the ability to just tune them out. Consumers are bombarded with "buy this” and "try that” to the point where they ignore it all – causing the majority of viewers to miss products and services which might actually have appealed to them had they been noticed.
Standing Out in the Crowd
Door hangers in southern California are enjoying a powerful revitalization as a way to promote business. Understandably, the best time to make a presentation to someone is at their home at their own pace, but unsolicited interruption can noticeably deter a customer's interest, as people are increasingly busy. . Potential patrons almost universally dislike telemarketing, which is where printed advertising in the form of door hangers comes into play.
For example, consider the use of a taxi service. A potential customer comes home from a long day and discovers the taxi company's door hangers on the entrance to their home. It includes the name of the company, the area it services, website and telephone information, and a smaller guide which can be cut off and placed into a wallet or purse for easy reference. The customer can look over this information at their own pace and then when interest is generated, can visit the company's website for more details. A printed guide allows them to have quick access to the information when it becomes necessary, and does not evoke negative memories of being bothered at home. This type of quick recognition makes all the difference between becoming the provider of choice, and the customer just utilizing whoever is available.
In a time where information is pushed at consumers from all directions, let door hangers in southern California help you stand out in the crowd by making a simple, yet effective presentation right at their front door.

The Best Advertising Strategy To Get Your Customers To Notice You

Advertising and promotions are techniques that a business cannot succeed without. The consumer market is full of stuff and people are having a huge amount of choice like never before. For a business to reach a customer, it has to be innovative. Customer awareness is the first step for a company to successfully conduct its business and earn revenue. There are different kinds of advertising and marketing solutions to get the attention of customers. Bigger businesses can afford to advertise through electronic media or use big bill boards. But small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to spend so much on marketing. Flyers and banners are marketing tools that can work for such companies.

The problem with mailing flyers is that people get a lot of flyers and do not spend much time in glancing over them. Most of the times, the flyers go straight to the trash bins. In such cases, the money the business spends in printing and distributing the flyers do not yield any results. This is why a different approach is required. The marketing should be in such a way that customers cannot ignore you. What better way than to hang your message on the door. When a message is on the door, there is no way the customer can avoid looking at it. If the call to action is attractive, the customer will be sure to give it a second glance and then read it thoroughly. This gives the business a customer who is aware of what the company does and the best points of the business.

Door Hanger advertising is one of the best advertising strategies to make the customers notice your business. A door hanger is one item the resident always looks at when entering or leaving a house. If you own a restaurant, printing a menu in the form of a door hanger is a worthwhile idea. Who doesn’t like to eat , right? It’s a fact that the human mind is naturally attracted to anything related to food. A colorful door hanger with images showing off your dishes will certainly work out in your favor. In addition, once the door hanger is in their hands, sheer curiosity will entice them to turn over the door hanger and go look over your menu.

It is not only the restaurants that can benefit by using door hanger advertising. Any business that depends on local customers can make use of this marketing strategy. Another great example is gyms and fitness centers. These facilities heavily rely on local clients to keep them in business. Distributing campaigns in regular intervals is a great way to keep clients returning to your facility or attracting new members. Whether you’re announcing new machines, fitness classes, or discounts on personal training, door hangers are an exceptionally effective tool for local marketing.

How Door Hangers Can Help Your Company Succeed

In order for just about any company to get off the ground, lead generation has to be done. Lead generation is basically finding people who both want your services, and have the money to buy them. The easiest way to generate leads is to advertise in a way that grabs your target audience’s attention, and convinces them to reach out to you. One of the best and most cost efficient ways to go about this is utilizing a custom door hanger program, which can be distributed in neighborhoods, you specifically target.

In terms of print advertising, it’s very hard to beat door hangers. Door hangers are perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to flyer a neighborhood, simply because of the fact that they are attached to your potential customers’ front door. So while flyers can blow away in the wind or be ignored by customers as they peruse other stores, door hangers can’t really be avoided because eventually, your potential customer will have to turn the knob on their front door. Because they are so eye-catching, it comes as little surprise that major companies to advertise their latest sales, products, and services often use door hangers.

Another excellent reason to use door hangers is because it takes very little effort to distribute them through a neighborhood, and because they are quite affordable. The average person can put custom door hangers on around 50 to 60 homes or more in a single hour. It’s even better if your company is going to be placing door hangers in homes in an urban environment. Heavily populated areas in Southern California provide an excellent environment for door hanger distribution. Door hangers have a similar success rate as TV advertising and radio advertising, but door hanger advertising only costs a fraction of the price.

The quality of the door hangers that you buy for your company’s advertising needs will impact how much of a return rate you have. Maximize your return and profits buy purchasing the best hangers that your money can buy. A great door hanger will be designed to really catch a person’s eye, and also give them all the information that they would need in order for them to be able to reach out to you. Well-designed, colorful door hangers that have the right information will make you appear more professional in the eyes of your potential customers, and will be more likely to be kept by customers for future references.

Lastly, companies love to use door hangers because they are very affordable when compared to other advertising tools, and because they can be used in almost any industry. Our company offers excellent custom door hanger designs, as well as easy to order printing services, quality materials, and low prices. If you’re tired of declining sales, it’s time to see what a small stack of door hangers can do for your company’s bottom line. Chances are that you’ll love the results!

Door Hangers are Still the Most Efficient Form of Advertisement Today

Do you need to advertise your business, but you don’t have enough budget for expensive advertisements?  There are so many ways to market your business, products, or services, but just a few of these methods can help you gain more customers.  It’s time for you to learn about how these simple and cheap door hangers can generate leads for your business. It’s simple, fun, and very creative and people take time to notice these door hangers, and that is one reason you can gain more customers in the future.


Be Different and Be Noticed

While most businesses today take on an online route of advertisement, you can go for this traditional way of advertising and be noticed. People are not concerned anymore of how much you pay for advertisements; even the TV commercials cannot influence people today. People are too busy watching  TV or even take time to click on your link on an online website. However, you can post door hangers that carry your business name, contacts, and purpose to a prospective client’s house or in any commercial offices and people will surely notice these kinds of advertisements. They won’t have any choice but to take the advertisement with them while they enter their doors. They can even keep your door hangers and get back at it when they need your services. This is one great example of being different and being noticed at the same time. When you strive to be different like this example, you can attract more prospect clients thus gaining more profits in the end.


Designing Eye Catching Door hangers

There’s no better way to attract potential customers than to create an interesting and stimulating door hanger. Quality door hangers are the most charming way to get people’s attention.  You can create a simple yet striking tagline for your business. Catchy taglines are the best way to grab people’s eyes and mind. They will eventually remember your tagline if it is done in the most proper and motivating way. Another great tip is to utilize colors and images.  The human eye is naturally attracted to certain colors depending on a persons mood. Colors can also influence hunger, happiness, energy, etc.  Designing a professional looking door hanger will help your advertising campaign succeed, as a result gaining more clients in the future. It shows you care deeply about the services you provide and shows that you are determined enough to do something more than the ordinary. Advertising companies such as Front Door Advertising can help you design, print and distributed a successful door hanger campaign.


Using door hangers to advertise your business is one of the easiest methods of marketing. This kind of marketing is proven to be active and successful over the years and it doesn’t fade away just because there are new ways to advertise to people. It is proven to grab people’s attention and benefit your business. If you’re tired of doing expensive advertisements but ending up with little or no sales, maybe it’s time you try door hangers and discover that sometimes inexpensive advertising is the best solution. Contact Front Door Advertising to start designing a fascinating door hangers, and get your advertisement rolling.